Sunday, February 03, 2013

Yeahhh Buddy!!

I'm pretty pumped that my buddy Dave is joining me in my random quest for fitness. He's quite the competitor and physical beast so hopefully his addition will provide me with extra motivation. Beyond thrilled to have him along for the ride. He'll be posting his daily totals in the comments section of each post. If nothing else, now I have a responsibility to someone other than myself to make a blog post every day. Thanks, Dave!!

I got extremely drunk last night and was only able to do 100 pushups before the drunkenness took over. I did run 12 miles in the morning so the day wasn't a total waste. They were 12 slowww miles with my friend's wife (9:45 miles) but I don't really care. Training for this half marathon is really just about putting the miles in for me. I'm considering running another one in the nearish future and I'll run that one harder. This morning I weigh 1.8 lbs less than I did yesterday morning, probably because of dehydration from the alcohol.

Pushups: Saturday-100 YTD-5805
Running: Saturday-12mi YTD-73mi
Fri, 01Feb - 204.3
Sat, 02Feb - 204.2
Sun, 03Feb - 202.4


Dave Rozsnyai said...

I thought doing pushups every time someone scored during the superbowl would be a good way to make the workout more fun. That was before the defenses decided to suck. I quit on the Raven's FG before the Kaepernick TD. I couldn't even do 25 in a row by the end. I worked on the snoqualmie house for 5 1/2 hours before the game started and was tired enough from that. Tomorrow I am going to hurt but that is what the elliptical is for.

Pushups - 250 / 375
Pull ups - 0 / 0
Running - 0 / 3
Elliptical - 0/ 2
Run total - 0 / 5

Schaefer said...

Hahaha 10 sets is kind of ridiculous. So happy the Niners lost, hope the Super Bowl hangover hits them hard next year.