Monday, January 07, 2013

AM energy

Woke up this morning feeling great, like I wanted to do a thousand pushups. But I only did 50 and went to class all day. I did 50 during a break but by the time I got home at 1600, I was exhausted and had to force myself to do two more sets, before and after dinner. So I got 200 done but I'm pretty sure I could have done 200 this morning alone. Next time I wake up feeling that good, I'm going to do 100 minimum. Tomorrow I start my 0500 flight line days and 0400 wake-ups. I'm even going to miss the National Championship game so that I can get to bed at a reasonable hour. Rooting for Bama to lose but really, I hate both teams. Thank goodness I can skip this one and focus on the Hawks. GO HAWKS!!

Pushups: Today-200 YTD-1340
Running: Today-0mi YTD-18mi

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