Thursday, January 03, 2013


I've been pretty sick for the past week and feeling super lethargic which doesn't help my physical fitness or academics at all. I still managed to run 4 miles this afternoon but I was super sore and felt like taking the day off from pushups. Then my roommate made some delicious Thai Curry with Chicken and I managed to do 50 right after dinner then 40 a bit later and 30 just now. I feel strong enough that I could probably do 50 each time but I don't want to push things too far right away. My chest is starting to feel great but my shoulders and triceps take a bit longer. Anyway, I got 120 done on a day that I felt like doing nothing. I'll take it!

It's really really hard being in flight school right now. We had 2 weeks of Blackhawk class before break and we're supposed to have retained all that info after the long holiday. Fat chance! I felt like such an idiot in class today and will be studying hard this weekend to refresh my brain. I don't really care about the AFC Divisional games so I'll study and work out during the day and watch football at night. Sounds like a pretty nice little weekend to me.


Pushups: Today-120 YTD-490
Running: Today-4mi YTD-8mi

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