Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!!

I'm happier on this New Years Day than I have been for a while. I feel like I really accomplished a lot in 2012 and worked my ass off for most of the year. I'm hoping I remember this feeling and take it to 2013 like I did 2012. I'm also hoping I remember how much of a slacker I was for most of December and I don't do that in 2013. January is going to be wasted making up for my horrific December. For shame.

Last night, I decided to DD because my flight home was at 0600 and I was feeling kind of sluggish. I bought two bottles of nice champagne and shared them with everyone, drinking only 3 glasses myself. I was able to give 5 different groups rides home because the cabs were obviously never coming and it made me feel good to be the one to look after their well-being. I'm thinking that I'll make this my NYE tradition and hope that the good karma follows me into each new year.

I think I like getting really drunk when others are relatively sober and staying sober when others get shit faced. It's an obvious poker parallel too: When others are playing loose and aggro, you tighten up but when others are playing too tight, you start to shit on them. I think that I enjoy sticking out from the crowd. Who wants to be ordinary and drink just because it's NYE? Who wants to be ordinary and remain sober, just because it's a tupperware party?

The trip back to Alabama is always brutal. My flight left Sea-Tac at 0600 and I didn't get home to Fort Rucker until 1800. Beyond the 12 hours of travel, I have to deal with the emotional pain of leaving my favorite city in the US for my least favorite region of the US. Sigh.

I'm definitely excited to get back into my regimented lifestyle. I have proven many times that I'm terrible at self-motivation and I need the Army to force me to study and work out and be productive. It's so easy to just lie in bed while I'm at home and do nothing all day. My pushups came slowly and painfully today and I'm not looking forward to my first run tomorrow.

I did 50 pushups this morning before getting driven to the airport and I did 3 sets of 40 throughout the evening so I'm logging 170 for the day. Around December 1st I would never have considered doing only 40 pushups in a set but I'm not feeling 100% and had a long day. Hopefully I'm not too sore tomorrow and I can rely on my 50 pushups per meal plan. I'll end with a running total every day, something like this:

Pushups: Today-170 YTD-170
Running: Today-0m YTD-0m


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