Sunday, January 06, 2013

Pretty nice little Sunday

Seahawks win!! They play the Falcons next week and you can bet your sweet tush I'll be in Atlanta to cheer them on. I think Cliff and Molly are going to be in the area so it'll be some good family bonding time at the football game. There are tons of tickets available online, it shouldn't be too hard to score some for this one.

I ran 7 miles today with my friend James and felt infinitely better than I did on Saturday. I still hacked up a ton of phlegm and my lungs crackled like a chain smoker but I never stopped running, even if I did slow down a lot on the hills. But for a hilly course, I was proud of my 8-minute/mile pace. By February 24th, the New Orleans Rock and Roll Half should be no problem.

I also did 200 push-ups today. The push-ups themselves are coming easier but the motivation to do ANYTHING after 7 miles of running is hard to muster. I'm so glad I made this bet, I believe I'll do about 2-3x as many pushups as I would have otherwise. And push-ups are a part of my job so they're pretty important.

Full day of school tomorrow, boooooo. School is for fools!!

Pushups: Today-200 YTD-1140
Running: Today-7mi YTD-18mi

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