Sunday, January 27, 2013


Had an awesome weekend in Montgomery. In the future, I think I'm going to choose one night as my go big night and relax/DD on the other one. The second night of heavy drinking is always pretty painful and I can only take so much in my old age. I got 200 pushups done on Saturday and then we went to a house party where the host challenged me to do clapping pushups with him. He was able to do 10 and I did 25. Boom. It felt weird doing pushups in the middle of a party but the 50k pushup bet is an intriguing thing and everyone wants to take shots at me. Today I only knocked out 100 because my body just isn't feeling great. Tomorrow I'll get 100 at breakfast and hopefully roll from there. I'll shoot for 275 to get 5k out of the way. 5k/month gets me done by November, sounds great to me. It's bedtime for bonzo, alarm starts ringing in 7.5 hours.

Pushups: Sat/Sun-325 YTD-4725
Running: Sat-3mi YTD-42mi

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